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Accused Of A White Collar Crime?

Because white collar crimes are complex in nature, law enforcement agencies spend months or even years investigating a crime like health care fraud or mortgage fraud before making an arrest. You may be aware that you are currently under investigation for a white collar crime, even though you have not yet been charged. To protect yourself, it is essential to contact an attorney right away — one who has extensive experience handling white collar cases.

At The Garber Law Firm, our lawyers are dedicated to defending the rights of individuals charged with white collar crimes. As most white collar crimes rise to the felony level, we work tirelessly to help our clients avoid harsh penalties. Based in Marietta, we serve throughout Atlanta and northern Georgia.

Protection Against Fraud Charges

We defend people who stand accused of white collar crimes of all types, including:

Safeguarding Your Professional License

White collar crimes are unique in that mere allegations can destroy your professional reputation. Conviction can cost you your professional license altogether, making it impossible for you to return to your field. Our lawyers are prepared to negotiate with licensing boards and insurance companies to prevent you from losing your practice.

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