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Speaking Out Against Wrongdoing — And Protecting Those Who Do

The federal government offers a wide range of incentives and safeguards to individuals who help expose corporate and governmental fraud. This is in everyone’s best interest. With the help of individual “whistleblowers,” the government can dramatically reduce the fraud. And “whistleblowers” can receive up to 30 percent of the money recovered. Moreover, because the government ensures job protection, individuals stand to benefit greatly from speaking out as they are protected from retaliation.

At The Garber Law Firm, P.C., we provide legal support to individuals seeking to file qui tam — that is, “whistleblower” — claims. Drawing on decades of experience, we offer knowledgeable and confidential counsel to employees seeking to expose malfeasant or fraudulent practices that harm the U.S. government, the states or corporations. Based in Marietta, our attorneys serve throughout northern Georgia and always stand prepared to help.

Legal Support For Whistleblowers

Federal and state governments are exposed to potential fraud whenever it conducts business with outside parties or vendors. Entities across a wide range of sectors have been found to overcharge the government for services, provide faulty or damaged goods at exorbitant costs, evade taxes or submit invoices for services never rendered.

As a result, the government loses billions of dollars each year to such manipulations. Those who speak out are essential to righting the record. Whistleblowers have played a role in more than 70 percent of cases where the government successfully recovered financial damages from the offending party.

To compensate whistleblowers — who, after all, risk their jobs and reputations — the False Claims Act stipulates that individuals who assist the government may be entitled to a modest percentage of any monetary damages the government receives. In the last 30 years, individuals have collectively earned more than $3 billion in qui tam suits.

Standing Up For What’s Right

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