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How A Criminal Charge Can Affect Your Career

The consequences of a criminal conviction often extend well beyond imprisonment and court fees. For many, the deeper punishment will come with losing one’s job or professional license. Different professional fields mete out different disciplinary action; as such, it’s important for workers to be aware of the risks and consequences of facing criminal charges.

For more than 15 years, the attorneys at The Garber Law Firm have provided legal representation to individuals facing professional disciplinary action. We are adept at advocating on behalf of our clients in front of their professional licensing boards, helping them to avoid unnecessarily stringent punishment. Likewise, our lawyers are skilled courtroom litigators, and have a record of success earning acquittals in the courtroom – and thereby preventing our clients from subjection to discipline in the first place.

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Felony Charges And Your Profession

The professional fallout from a felony conviction is extremely wide-ranging. According to the Georgia Center for Opportunity, any felony crime can be grounds to deny one’s application for a professional license.

Medical practitioners are especially at risk. Namely, the government has recently begun to pursue health care fraud and related cases with unusual aggression. If convicted, physicians, physicians’ assistants, nurses and technicians can be stripped of their rights to practice.

In addition, almost 80 professional pursuits are forbidden to individuals who have been convicted of a felony. This includes becoming a barber, plumber, counselor, driving instructor, real estate broker and other careers that may otherwise be viable lines of work.

Many find that the only means of protecting themselves is to find a lawyer who can help them fight to have the charges against them reduced or dismissed. To learn more, contact our firm today.

DUI And Your Profession

The state of Georgia is not lenient on drunk drivers. Likewise, professional associations do not treat offenders favorably. Truckers and other professional drivers will face strict sanctions in the wake of a DUI conviction, and in many cases will lose their ability to work. But other professionals will be affected as well, most often in fields where keen judgment is a prerequisite for employment.

In particular, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals often endure punishment after a drunk driving charge. The Georgia Board of Nursing, for example, is quick to impose restrictions upon practitioners, essentially placing nurses on professional probation. Similarly, doctors are compelled to inform the Georgia Composite Medical Board of any DUI or arrest, and will be exposed to discipline.

Repeat offenders will ultimately find their licenses to practice revoked.

Fighting On Your Behalf

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