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When Contracts Are Breached Or Disputed

An employment contract – whether it provides a blueprint for future compensation, or safeguards intellectual property – can be an important means for both employers and employees to protect themselves against professional risk.

Unfortunately, employment contracts are often breached, leaving its signatories unjustly exposed to adverse consequences. It can be difficult, in such circumstances, for individuals to know their rights and how to exercise them. This is particularly true for employees, who may feel suddenly isolated, bereft of support from the organization they worked for.

The lawyers at The Garber Law Firm, P.C., can help. Since 2001, our firm has provided experienced, knowledgeable counsel to workers in Marietta and throughout northern Georgia when they engage in legal disputes with their employers. In recognition of the positive outcomes we have earned on behalf of our clients, Georgia Trend Magazine has named our attorneys as “Legal Elites” in the area of labor and employment law. We understand that challenging an employer can be a difficult undertaking, and work hard to assert our clients’ interests and rights at every step.

Support For A Full Range Of Contract Considerations

Our firm offers representation to employees in all manner of contract disputes, including those involving:

  • Noncompete agreements – If your noncompete agreement is unduly restrictive and prevents you from finding suitable employment, we can work to revise its stipulations.
  • Copyright and ownership of inventions – Ensuring that workers receive a fair share of royalties for their intellectual property.
  • Unjust termination – The majority of workers in the United States are employed at will. Even so, employers often need to have a good reason to fire them – especially in cases where termination is addressed in an employment contract.
  • Severance agreements — A severance agreement ought to offer fair incentives to an employee when he or she is laid off. At times, they are unfairly restrictive and unjustly imposed.
  • Confidentiality clauses – Confidentiality agreements are meant to protect company secrets in the long term. At times, however, it can be uncertain just what information is protected.
  • Arbitration clauses – More and more employment contracts are drafted to prohibit workers from filing lawsuits at any time in the future. Yet this often puts employees at an unfair disadvantage.

Our lawyers are adept at achieving resolution. We know how to work with opposing counsel to further our clients’ interests. When a settlement cannot be reached, we are unafraid to take matters to court, where we have a demonstrable record of success.

Legal Support For Your Employment Dispute

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