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Defending You Against Criminal Charges

Attorney Marc Garber handles all manner of criminal defense cases involving economic and white-collar crimes, including criminal appeals for convictions and sentencings. A former federal prosecutor, his knowledge of the federal court and appeals system enables him to provide key guidance to those accused or convicted of a crime — not just in Georgia, but anywhere in the United States.

Our firm handles a full array of criminal matters, from drug trafficking offenses to theft and fraud to white collar crimes. From our offices in Marietta, we take cases throughout the entire U.S.

Fighting Back Against Allegations Of Fraud

We have developed a core competency in representing individuals facing charges of white collar crimes such as:

These are very serious crimes, which often carry lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines. With this in mind, our firm will take aggressive steps to protect you.

Grand Jury Investigations

If you have reason to believe that you are under investigation, or have received a subpoena, it is in your best interests to reach out to a criminal defense lawyer right away. Preparation for a grand jury hearing is absolutely essential — if you are not adequately prepared, you may make a statement that leads to indictment.

Our lawyers can provide guidance concerning how best to respond to a prosecutor’s questions. Additionally, we can examine the prosecutor’s case to determine whether they have enough evidence to charge you. When we discover that the evidence is weak, we are able to negotiate for a lesser charge — and, in some circumstances, we can obtain a complete dismissal. Moreover, if the government won’t listen, we will defend you if the grand jury indicts you.


Some criminal convictions are the result of mistakes made by prosecutors, judges, juries, and even defense lawyers. We have extensive experience handling criminal appeals. Attorney Marc Garber can review your conviction, sentence, or case to determine whether an appeal is possible. Some grounds for appeal include:

  • The evidence did not prove a crime
  • Evidence was illegally obtained by the government through unlawful search or seizure
  • The judge wrongly denied a motion to suppress evidence
  • The judge did not allow your attorney to present certain evidence in your favor
  • The attorney who represented you made a critical mistake
  • Other procedural errors

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