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Discrimination Against Race, Religion & Nationality

Although much progress has been made, illegal discrimination still occurs in the workplace. Many people are afraid to seek legal action when facing racial, religious, or nationality-based discrimination because they fear losing their jobs. However, if you are experiencing race discrimination in the workplace, you have rights.

We can help enforce them. Based in Marietta, and serving throughout Georgia, The Garber Law Firm provides efficient, tenacious representation to our clients. Alan and Marc Garber are experienced, dedicated legal professionals committed to helping clients exercise their right to a workplace free from racial discrimination.

The Signs Of Discrimination

The most common signs of race discrimination in the workplace involve a combination of limited development and unacceptable communication. Failing to get a promotion for which you are qualified, raises that you deserve or vacation time that should be part of your compensation package: These are all signs that you might be dealing with discrimination.

If these are accompanied by racial slurs and demeaning language from superiors and others in the workplace, it is almost certain that you are suffering discrimination. Likewise, individuals who attempt to speak out or assert their rights often suffer retaliation from employers, and may have grounds to pursue legal action.

Free Consultation: You have rights in the workplace. If you have been denied advancement at work or experienced racial jokes, threats or intimidation, you might have a claim for racial discrimination. Contact The Garber Law Firm right away to discuss your potential claim with an experienced attorney.

How We Help

There are, unfortunately, many instances of racially charged actions in the workplace that do not rise to the level of discrimination.

Our experienced lawyers will provide you with an honest, accurate assessment of whether you have a viable case. Going forward, we can then assist you through the initial stages of filing your claim, including filing your charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and walk you through every step of the legal process.

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