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Make Sure Your Severance Agreement Is Fair

A severance contract is a legal document that, in most cases, grants a departing employee certain benefits – additional payment or health insurance, for example – in exchange for agreeing not to sue his or her former employer. Unfortunately, many workers sign such agreements without being fully aware of their ramifications. As a result, some find themselves unjustly compensated. Others find they would like to bring a lawsuit against their former employer, only to realize they’ve forfeited their legal ability to do so.

We can help. The attorneys at The Garber Law Firm have dedicated themselves to employment law for more than 15 years. We understand what’s at stake during severance negotiations, and know the (often misleading) tactics employers use to protect themselves from liability. Our aim is to protect our clients’ rights and interests at every step. Serving in Marietta and throughout northern Georgia, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you, too.

Can I Bring A Lawsuit Against My Former Employer Anyway?

If you’ve signed a severance agreement, it can be extremely difficult to establish grounds for a lawsuit. This is why it’s so crucial to consult with an attorney before finalizing any contracts with your employer.

Indeed, employers use severance contracts to protect themselves against all manner of liability claims, including those stemming from racial discrimination, sexual harassment, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, and more.

Nevertheless, some contracts prove to be unenforceable. The lawyers at our firm can review any documents you bring in, and uncover any clauses that may be used to your advantage in pending negotiations or legal matters.

Getting A Fair Deal

If you are entering severance negotiations, or have an issue with your severance agreement, reach out to our firm for help. You can call us at 678-383-9792 or reach us online. Initial consultations are free.