3 ways employers discriminate against pregnant women

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Uncategorized

There is often no reason a woman who is pregnant isn’t capable of working as usual, but sometimes employers discriminate against pregnant employees. There is actually a variety of ways that pregnant women experience workplace discrimination.

The law protects pregnant women from discrimination. A pregnancy discrimination lawyer is a professional who focuses on this particular area of the law, and it is a good idea to schedule a legal consultation to discuss the particulars of your case

Here are three common ways that employers discriminate against pregnant women:

1. Refusal to hire 

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA) is an amendment to the Civil Rights Act that protects pregnant women against discrimination. An employer cannot refuse to hire a woman just because she is pregnant if she is otherwise fully able to complete the requirements of the position. The employer is also not permitted to discriminate against a pregnant woman when it comes to other working terms or conditions such as pay, assignments, promotions and benefits.

2. Denying pregnancy leave

It is unlawful for an employer to deny you pregnancy leave from your job if you experience a high-risk pregnancy. This same principle holds true for disability leave that is related to your pregnancy. You are entitled to this time off under the law if your pregnancy qualifies for the conditions that permit the leave.

3. Firing you after you return from maternity leave

Pregnancy-related discrimination can even continue after you give birth. Some women experience different types of retaliation or hindrances to their work and career after they return to the job following maternity leave. This discrimination can include being fired. If you are fired simply because you returned from maternity leave, your employer is likely discriminating against you and violating the Pregnancy Discrimination Act.

Your rights are protected under the law, and if you have experienced any of the above forms of discrimination or other types, you should consult with a pregnancy discrimination attorney. A lawyer can listen to the details of your situation and help guide you through the process of seeking justice.