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Age discrimination impacts many Georgia workers

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination

Everyone needs to gain experience to become truly effective in their careers. For many Georgia residents, that means spending most of their working life with the same employer. Decades of dedicated service while learning and perfecting the job make older workers exceptionally valuable.

Their ability to share institutional knowledge and accumulated skills and expertise over the years should make older workers and executives more valuable to employers. Unfortunately, courts are often required to resolve employment law cases related to age discrimination on the job.

Ageism marginalizes highly experienced workers

In many cases, those discriminating against older employees are younger executives and coworkers. Management and coworkers often view older employees as highly priced workers who tire out quickly and with whom they cannot relate on a personal level. Anecdotal evidence of blatant discrimination of older workers includes people who are let go due to “restructuring” but continually receive calls from their younger and often lower-paid successors who need advice on handling different workplace situations.

Many excuses for workplace age discrimination

Those who have experienced workplace discrimination often cite a gradual reduction in workplace duties and being passed over for well-deserved promotions. The causes are many; for example, older workers often earn more than younger and less-experienced counterparts. Removing the older worker can reduce labor costs.

Some workplaces systematically remove older workers due to the increased need for health care benefits. There’s a perception in many fields that a younger workforce can result in lower health care costs as well as lower wages. That gives some employers a strong incentive to remove older workers.

State and federal laws protect older workers

When workplace discrimination arises, the government has many protections in place to correct the matter. An experienced employment law attorney can help make the strongest case and ensure a fair hearing while enforcing your rights.