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March 2018 Archives

Understanding the common forms of government fraud

You might suspect that someone in your company is committing a form of wrongdoing, but you either lack the proof or you fear that reporting it may come back to you in the form of retribution. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon fear for those working in government positions. Government fraud is also common, ranging from untruthful benefits recipients to employees or managers defrauding the entities they work for. Your connection to government work in Georgia makes it important to understand the different types of fraud that can cost the government - and consumers - billions of dollars.

3 ways the law protects you from employee retaliation

Often people use the excuse that "it is just business" in order to justify committing crimes that will increase profits. When you become aware that your employer is engaging in any form of illegal activity, you may be too scared to say something for fear of losing your job or ruining your professional reputation. Maybe you are scared officials will think you were involved in the criminal behavior or made it up.