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March 2017 Archives

Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination?

If you got fired or received discipline by your employer because you reported illegal behavior or exercised legal rights, you may have a basis for a wrongful termination case for whistleblowing or retaliation. There are laws that protect you from retaliation when you report legal, ethical or environmental wrongdoing. Learn what constitutes retaliation and what your rights are as a whistleblower.

A medical coding error could become a federal case

If you are a medical professional, whether nurse, physician, technician or specialist, you may be part of a team that provides health care and compiles information about the numerous treatment details for patients on Medicare or Medicaid. However, mistakes happen. If they do, you hope that the health of the patient is not compromised, but mistakes in overprescribing, overbilling or medical coding could bring on an investigation that might affect your reputation, your career and your livelihood.